• Online Class


    This is online tutorial video for Wagashi beginners.

    You can learn same recipe as taught in Mai's international wagashi class from your own kitchen!

    The class is delivered in English.


    -What you will learn from this video

    •   how to make the dough from scratch.
    •   how to tint the dough
    •   how to wrap fillings and shape into flowers (three different traditional Japanese designs)
    •   how to keep the confection after you made      

    -Downloadable recipe


    - Special gift for participants!

    a) List of Recommended Shops and a Map on where to buy Wagashi making tool Tokyo

    b) Extra tutorial video on how to make good matcha tea


    Distribution starts from 3rd April, unlimited access will be granted until specified Class End Date.

    Class End Date: 30th April, 2021



    USD 40


    *Please make sure you can receive e-mail under mai_irie@hotmail.com

    *The URL will be sent to your e-mail at around 3rd April, 2020.

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    *本編は英語となっております。購入の際は、Terms and Condition に同意の上ご購入ください。お客様の私的の利用に限り、視聴権利を付与するものとし、本編のノウハウ、アイディア、手法その他提供する内容の商用利用やレッスンで教えることは禁じております。

  • Online Classes Terms and Condition

    Effective Date: March 20th, 2020


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    I) Class Provider: Mai Irie, as the creator, operator, and publisher of the Class, is responsible for providing the Class publicly.

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    Article 3 - Class TERMS:

    You must complete the Class by the specified Class End Date. Whether or not the Class has been completed by the specified Class End Date, it will expire on the specified Class End Date.



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    Article 6 - CANCELLATION:

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    Article 7 - COPPA:

    The class is not made for kids.



    It is your responsibility to avoid ingredients listed in the Class in order to follow your own dietary restrictions and that the Class Provider is not liable for any consequences to you as a result of your consumption of certain ingredients.



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